Solutions to common problems with power press punch punching machine

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Solutions to common problems with power press punch punching machine

A punch machine is also called a power press punching machine. In national production, the punching process is more and more widely used due to its advantages of saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators, and products that cannot be realized by machining with various die sets.

(1) The main reasons for the rapid wear of the punch:

Punch die set clearance is small, generally the total clearance of Hanjian die set is 20% and 25% of the material thickness. Poor alignment of male and female dies, including poor accuracy of die bases, guide die assemblies, and turret inserts. The overheating of the punching machine is mainly due to the overheating of the punching head caused by long-time same-die punching. Improper die-sleeve grinding methods will result in annealing and die-sleeve wear. For local unilateral punching, such as step punching, corner punching or shearing, the lateral force of aluminum alloy door and window fittings will bias the punch to one side, and the gap on this side will be reduced, resulting in serious wear of the die sleeve. If the machine tool die sleeve is not installed with high precision, the punch will seriously deviate from the upper die, resulting in damage to the punch and die sleeve.

(2) The problem with the material of the mold sleeve

The waste edge rebound will be caused by the die, and its related factors: the sharper the die edge, the larger the rounded corner of the edge, the easier it is to cause waste edge rebound. The modulus of entering the die sleeve, the modulus of the punch entering each upper position is certain, and the modulus of the die sleeve is small, which is easy to cause the rebound of waste products.

The method to prevent the mold sleeve from falling off: use a special female mold to prevent the material from falling off. Aluminum alloy door and window accessories. Die sets are often sharpened and demagnetized. Increase chip clearance. Use the hypotenuse N-die instead of the flat-edge die. Sleeve installation stripper. Reasonably increase the mold sleeve inlet modulus.

(3) Die sleeve alignment problem

In the places where the face cloth is easy to punch, the wear amount of the mold sleeve varies. Some parts have large scratches and wear quickly, especially on the narrow rectangular mold sleeve. The main reason for this problem is that the design accuracy or machining accuracy of the turret of the punch press is insufficient, mainly due to the misalignment of the die mounting bases of the upper and lower turntables. The mold sleeve design or accuracy does not meet the requirements. The precision of the die guide sleeve is not enough. Improper selection of die sleeve gap. In order to prevent inconsistent wear of the die sleeve, you should: Regularly check and adjust the alignment of the tool rest and the machine tool mount with a centering rod.

(4) Inspection of the cause of damage to the punching die sleeve

1. Check whether the manufacturing material of the stamping die sleeve is suitable and whether the heat burying process is reasonable. If the quenching temperature of the punching die is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable, the tempering time and temperature are unreasonable, and the elbow of the elbow joint is improperly selected, the die sleeve will be damaged after entering the punching and rolling production. If the size or depth of the blanking hole is not designed enough, it is easy to block the groove and damage the blanking plate. If the spring force design is too small or the profile sleeve heights are not equal, the spring will break and the blanking plate will tilt, resulting in overlapping punching and part damage. The punch may fall or break if it is not secured properly or the screw is not strong enough.

2. When using the stamping die sleeve, the installation position and direction of the parts are incorrect, or the bolts are not fastened properly. The failure of the feeding equipment and the abnormality of the punching machine will lead to the damage of the punching die sleeve. If foreign matter enters the die sleeve, parts overlap, scrap is blocked, etc. If it is not handled in time, it is easy to damage the blanking plate, punch, lower template and die sleeve guide post.

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