Safety operation specifications and precautions for high-speed power press punch punching machine

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Safety operation specifications and precautions for high-speed power press punch punching machine

The common punch production method used in our country is that workers place materials by hand, which has low production efficiency, high labor intensity, and is very unsafe, prone to accidents, and often affects the completion of production tasks. However, in recent years, high-speed power press punch punching machine have been increasingly recognized and used by many enterprises. Automatic feeding makes workers have no safety hazards in the production process. High-speed power press punch punching machine have indeed brought great convenience to the Chinese stamping industry. High-speed precision power press punch punching machine are giving people While bringing high efficiency, it is still necessary to pay attention to the operating specifications when using the punch, and do a good job in the maintenance of the machine, so as to eliminate all faults and make the service life of the high-speed punch longer. So please pay attention to what is the standard operation of high-speed punch.

1. High-speed punch workers must learn to master the structure and performance of high-speed punches, be familiar with operating procedures and obtain operating licenses before they can operate independently;

2. Workers should use the high-speed punch correctly and do not disassemble the upper safety protection and control devices at will;

3. Always check whether the lubrication parts and protective safety devices of each transmission connection of the high-speed punch are normal. The screws of the mold must be firm and cannot be moved;

4. Allow the punch to dry for 2-3 minutes before working. Check the flexibility of the control devices such as the foot brake before it is normal.

5. When placing the mold, the upper and lower molds must be firmly aligned to ensure that the position is moved correctly and the high-speed punch is turned by hand to empty the car as much as possible to ensure that the mold is in good working condition;

6. Pay attention to lubrication before starting the machine, and pay attention to remove all floating objects on the punch;

7. The operator of the high-speed punch should stand correctly during the process of picking or punching. Hands and heads should keep a certain distance from the high-speed punch, and always pay attention to punching movements, and it is strictly forbidden to chat with others;

8. When punching short and small workpieces, use special tools, do not directly feed or pick up parts by hand;

9. When punching holes or long parts, a safety frame should be set up or other safety measures should be taken to avoid digging and hurting people;

10. Do not put your hands and feet on the hand and foot brakes when stamping to prevent accidents;

11. After the work is completed, stop the power supply and wipe the finishing environment of the machine.

The stamping machine manufacturer tells the knowledge about the safety regulations of the stamping machine?

A punch is a punching press. In domestic production, the stamping process has the advantages of saving material and energy than traditional machining, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators, and various mold applications can produce products that cannot be achieved by machining. Therefore, it has more and more uses. Let’s follow the editor of the stamping machine tool to see its safety regulations!

1. The transmission parts exposed to the outside of the press must be equipped with protective covers. Do not drive or test the vehicle without the cover removed.

2. Before driving, check whether the main tightening screw is loose, whether the mold is broken, whether the operating mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch and brake are normal, and whether the lubrication system is blocked or lacks oil. If necessary, you can drive an empty car for the test.

3. To install the mold, the slider must be opened to the bottom dead center, the closing height must be correct, and eccentric load should be avoided as much as possible; the mold must be firmly fixed and pass the pressure test.

4. Pay attention to the work, and it is strictly forbidden to put hands and tools in the dangerous area. Small parts must be handled with special tools (tweezers or feed mechanism). When the mold sticks to the blank, it can only be released with a tool.

5. If you find that the press runs abnormally or has abnormal sounds (such as knocking, cracking), please stop feeding immediately and check the cause. If the rotating parts are loose, the controls are malfunctioning, and the mold is loose and defective, stop and repair it.

6. Each time the workpiece is punched, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.

7. If there are more than two people, you should order someone to drive and pay attention to coordination. Before leaving get off work, the mold should be put down, the power supply should be disconnected, and the necessary cleaning should be carried out.

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