The Feeder 3 in 1 for Thin Material

The Feeder 3 in 1 for Thin Material


Mode PM3-300 PM3-400 PM3-600 PM3-80C PM3-1000 PM3-1300
Material width 50~300 100~400 100~600 100~800 100~1000 100~1300
Material thickness 0.3-3.2mm 0.3-2.0mm
Max weight 2000kg 3000kg 5000kg 7000kg 10000kg
Coil inner diameter 460-530mm
Coil outer diameter 41200mm 41600mm
Max speed 16m/min
eveling roller t48mm Up4d own4 448mm Up 5 down 5
Feed roller 2 roots
Uncoiler expansion hydraulic expansion
Brake system Electromagnetic brake disc brake
Servo motor AC 2.9kw AC 4.4kw AC 5.5kw AC 7.5kw
Uncoiler moto AC 1.1kw AC 1.5kw AC 2.2kw AC 3.7kw AC 5.5kw
Rollers enforced One set of reinforcements two sets of reinforcements Three sets of reinforcements
voltag AC 380V
Air pressure 5kg
Machine size 3.2*1.8*2.5 4.3*3.2*2.7 4.3*3.4*2.7 4.3*3.6*2.7 5.4*5.6*2.8
Thickness 1.6 2 3.2
PM6-400 400 180 70
PM6-600 600 350 80
PM6-800 800 360 80
PM6-1000 1000 360 80
PM6-1300 1300 380

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