Straight-in Double-station Material Rack

Straight-in Double-station Material Rack


PM-ZR400A/600A/800B/PM-ZRGY600(With Rolling Oil)

Model Straight into the double station rack
Parameter PM-ZR400B PM-ZR600A PM-ZR600B PM-ZRGY600
Parameter Index
Voltage 3-phase 5-wire AC38050/60Hz
Installed powei 2KW
Rated current 6A
Working temperature 20~45γ
Relative humidity of working environment 20~80%
Productivity(products size difference) 600~800(13times/mins) 600~800(12times/mins)
Feeder accuracy ±0.2mm
Arm discharge length 950mm
Maximum sheet size (round/square) 400*400mm 600*600mm 600*600mm 600*600mm
Minimum size of sheet (round/square) 60*100mm(60^60 custom 200*100mm(80*80 custom) 200*100mm(80*80 custom) 200*100mm(80*80 custom
Maximum height of stockpile 300-500mm(depending on site)
Maximum load of silo 1600kg
Principle of distribution Iron charge Magnetic splitter
Aluminum,copper,steel material: Blowing,scraping,shaking materia
Duplex detection Double sheet detection controller
Jacking system oil hydraulic system
Control system PLC
Robot weight ≈1500Kg ≈2000Kg ≈2000Kc ≈2000Kg

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