SHC High-Speed & High-Precision Press

SHC High-Speed & High-Precision Press

◆Machine body and frame are made of high-strength cast iron, excellent shock absorption performance, ensuring long-term precision.
◆Main components such as frame, slide, pitman and central column are produced by CNC equipments to guarantee the geometry precision of the press.
◆Main transmission unit adopts inverter control with stable speed adjustment.
◆Main shaft of the press adopts imported roller bearing.
◆Adopts three cylinder guide columns (two guide columns and one center column) structure.
◆Reverse side load dynamic balance is adopted which is to balance the shock produced by crankshaft and sliding in high-speed running and control the precision of the bottom dead point.
◆Manual shut height adjustment with digital display.
◆Hydraulic die lock device.
◆Electric compelling oil lubrication system.
◆Concentrated control by PLC with international brand.
◆Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from international brand.


Jm31jmd31 series gantry type single point press with high performance-2

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