PM-120300-S6-10 10KG Intelligent Robot Arm Stamping Manipulator

PM-120300-S6-10 10KG Intelligent Robot Arm Stamping Manipulator

  • Applicable to the multi-press connection site with a tonnage of 350T and below1250T
    And the one-machine multi-mode punching machine with a tonnage of 1250T and below.
  • The size of the grabbed product is recommended to be within 1000*1000 mm.
  • Suitable for stamping sites of electronic products, home appliance parts,
    mechanical parts and auto parts.

Model PM-120300-S6-10
Parameter Unit Index
Voltage V 220+10%
lPower frequency Hz 50/60
Installed power KW 5
Working temperature -20~45
Relative humidity of working environment % 20~80
Axial travel stroke Arm swing angle ° ±170
Arm up and down telescopic stroke mm 0~35O (Min grip surface 1000mm)
Arm front and rear telescopic stroke mm 1050~2400
Arm turnover angle ° 士180 (Not work for 4 axes)
Rotation angle of the object suction cup ° +360
Productivity (products size difference) pcs/H 300-600 (10 times/mins)
Feeder accuracy mm 土0.1
Max working radiu mm 2400
Grip weight kg ≤10
Robot size (L*W*H) mm 1100×600×2200 (H is variable)
Robot weight kg ≈900

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