Left And Right Co-Directional Pipe Bending Machine

Left And Right Co-Directional Pipe Bending Machine

Machinery Features

  1. The pipe bending machine is driven by Y (feeding), B(rotating pipe), C (bending pipe), X (left and right displacement of automatic mould changing), Z (up and down changing mould position in seconds), G(rotating mould axis) six- axis electrical servo, with precision trolley servo angle, bending precision of 0.05°, feeding accuracy of 0.05mm.
  2. The electric servo drive avoids the defect that the accuracy of common pipe bending machine is affected by oil temperature, suitable for high-load, mass production.Automatic mould changing adopts the principle of the head’s top, bottom, left and right displacement to avoid the pipe ftting shaking caused by the displacement of the feeding seat.
  3. The machine head has the function of co-rotation of left and right sides, which can bend the symmetrical workpiece and some parts with complicated shape, avoiding the defect of replacing the machine to make up the bending of the complicated workpiece of the single-rotation pipe bending machine. greatly improving the precision of the bending workpiece. saving time, manpower and space.


Technical Parameters

Model unit CNC-30UEM
max. bending capacity(carbon steel) mm Φ28×1.5
Bending radius range(round pipe) mm R10-85
Max. pipe diameter for reciprocating feeding mm Φ25.4
Bending angle range ° 190

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