JH21 Pneumatic Press Machine

JH21 Pneumatic Press Machine

JH21 Pneumatic press machine is Open Back Press with Fixed Bed, a kind of thin sheet metal processing universal press imported advanced technology . Its steel plate welded body has high shock-absorbing performance ,which is suitable for shearing, punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing. we can customize the throat depth of the punch according to the customer’s plate requirements


1. Brief introduction of structure

1) The frame is welding with whole steel plate which has high rigidity, reasonable structure and beautiful design.

2) The press adopts the vertical crankshaft structure. The distance of fulcrum is short and the crank is rigid.

3) Driving gear is installed into the frame and gear is immersed in oil reservoir. Customer could choose Electromagnetic governor (Wannan motor factory), which is stepless speed regulation within a certain range and enlarge the area of craft.

4) The press adopts Italy low inertia combined wet friction clutch and brake made in Shanghai OMPI, which has little passive inertia, low energy consumption, reliable interlock of clutch and brake and long longevity.

5) The slide is a whole cast form construction which adopts hydraulic overload protector made in Showa, Japan with agile and reliable action. After overload, it can reset automatically to reduce the down time and improve the availability of press. High pressure oil seal which is imported from German is installed in slide high pressure cylinder.

6) The shut height adopts electric adjustment, which has digital display. Its display is 0.10mm.

7) The press adopts hexahedral rectangle lengthen gib, which has high guiding precision and steady precision.

8) The press has pneumatic balancer, which reduce the second stroke. It runs smoothly to improve the dynamic precision of press.

9) The control part adopts PLC from Mitsubishi, which is efficient to guarantee the reliability of control part.

10) The press adopts dual valve from TACO, Japan, which can guarantee the safety and reliability of clutch.

11) The press adopts cam controller which be combined with proximity switch. It can send signal exactly within the range of 360°and control the criterion of various actions and the harmony of assist machine to improve the reliability of press. Besides, the press has two-hand operating button and foot pedal switch, which can realize Continuous, Single and Inch mode.


2. Guideline of Technical performance

The model JH21-315 press is manufactured according with accuracy of open press (JB/T 6580-93) and technical requirement of open press (JB/T 6580.1-1998). The security is according with the security and technical terms standard of forging machinery (GB17120-1997) and the security and technical requirement standard of mechanical press (JB3350-93).


3. Main Technical Specifications

  JH21-25 JH21–45 JH21-63 JH21-80 JH21-110 JH21-125
Capacity kN 250 450 630 800 1100 1250
Nominal Stroke mm 3 4 4 5 6 6
Slide Stroke mm 80 100 120 140 160 160
SPM Fixed min-1 100 80 70 60 50 50
Variable 80-120 70-90 60-80 50-70 40-60 40-60
Max. Die Height mm 250 270 300 320 350 350
Die Height Adjustment mm 50 60 80 80 80 80
Between Slide Center & Frame mm 210 230 300 300 350 350
Bolster (FB×LR) mm 400×700 440×810 580×900 580×1000 680×1150 680×1150
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.) mm φ170×20×φ150 φ180×30×φ160 φ200×40×φ180 φ200×40×φ180 φ260×50×φ220 φ260×50×φ220
Bolster Thickness mm 80 110 110 120 140 140
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR) mm 260×250 300×300 390×460 390×520 420×540 420×540
Slide Area (FB×LR) mm 300×360 340×410 400×480 420×560 500×650 540×680
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth) mm φ40×60 φ40×60 φ50×80 φ50×80 φ60×80 φ60×80
Between Columns mm 450 550 560 640 760 760
Main Motor Power kW 3 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 11
Outline Size (FB×LR×H) mm 1300×1050×2050 1390×1200×2400 1580×1210×2520 1640×1280×2700 1850×1450×3060 1850×1490×3060
Net Weight kg 2600 3450 5400 7000 9340 9900


  JH21-160B JH21-200 JH21-250 JH21-315 JH21-400
Capacity kN 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000
Nominal Stroke mm 6 6 8 8 10
Slide Stroke mm 160 180 200 200 200
SPM Fixed min-1 40 35 30 30 25
Variable 35-50 30-40 25-35 25-35 20-30
Max. Die Height mm 350 390 430 430 430
Die Height Adjustment mm 110 110 120 120 120
Between Slide Center & Frame mm 380 390 420 420 420
Bolster (FB×LR) mm 740×1300 760×1400 800×1400 800×1400 760×1400
Bolster Opening mm φ300×50×φ260 φ300×50×φ260 φ320×50×φ280 φ320×50×φ280 φ320×50×φ280  


Bolster Thickness mm 150 160 170 170 180
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR) mm φ470 φ470 370×570 440×580 440×580
Slide Area (FB×LR) mm 580×770 600×800 650×850 650×850 690×900
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth) mm φ65×85 φ65×90 φ70×90 φ70×90 φ70×90
Between Columns mm 850 870 960 920 960
Main Motor Power kW 15 18.5 22 30 37
Outline Size (FB×LR×H) mm 2280×1550×3240 2500×1580×3320 2730×1640×3550 2770×1650×3550 2830×1680×3890
Net Weight kg 14500 17000 23500 25000 29500


4. Brief introduction of basic configuration

Description Model Note Manufacturer


Frame Basic part Welding with whole steel plate; ageing treatment when vibration; whole anneal treatment PRIMA
Bolster Basic part Cast HT200,anneal treatment PRIMA
Crank Basic part 45 forged steelwork,surface quenching treatment PRIMA
Flywheel Basic part Cast HT200,

anneal treatment

wet clutch Part OMPI, Italy Yuyi, Shanghai
Slide Basic part Cast HT200,

anneal treatment

Worm wheel Part Copper castingZQSn5-5-5 PRIMA
Worm Part 45 steel,surface nitrogen treatment PRIMA
Tie-rod Basic part Cast QT500-7,normalizing treatment PRIMA
Ball screw Basic part Forged steelwork 45,surface nitrogen treatment PRIMA
ACB Part The inner round of cylinder adopts lapping tech. Yangzhou, Jiangsu


Main motor Y series Wannan motor factory Anhui
Disc motor YPE series Beijing Fute disc motor co., ltd Beijing
PLC FX1N-60MR Mitsubishi products Japan
AC contactor Schneider is sole proprietorship of TE company of France,which products get CE certification Shanghai
Button; Indicating lamp Shanghai
Cam controller YLK1-08J 8 proximity switches are installed in controller, which have reliable performance. Yangzhou, Jiangsu


Seal part ACB oil seal Escort, Taiwan seal part from Escort, Taiwan Taiwan
Hydraulic overload High pressure oil seal Dichtomatik, Germany Germany
Other seal parts High quality made in China


Dual valve MVS series TACO, Japan, which has CE certification Japan
Pneumatic control 2-unit Rc1/2 AirTac, Taiwan Ningbo
Oil pipeline


Electric grease

lubrication system

Standard configuration Sino-Japanese joint venture Yongjia Lube products, which pieces oil distributor is combined with many pieces. Installed test switch, which has block alarm. Zhejiang






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