J36 Series Straight Side Type Double-Point Press

J36 Series Straight Side Type Double-Point Press

◆ Welded Steel plate framework with cross beam, column and the base tightened and combined into one body by taut bolts.
◆Main transmission pair adopts herringbone gears.
◆Slide guiding adopts eight-face orthogonal guide rail or four-face with angles of 45 degree guide rail.
◆Pneumatic friction clutch and brake.
◆Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.
◆Automatic oil lubrication system with regular time and capacity. Duplex valves imported from Japan.
◆Controlled by PLC with international brand.
◆Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other control- ling devices are imported from international brand.
◆Double loop control by imported electronic and mechanical cam controller. Air cushion included
◆Optional: front-back moving bolster, hydraulic cushion, low speed shut height adjustment and transmission system, light curtain.
◆ JC36 series does not have guiding column and sleeves,series adopts guiding column and sleeves.The height in the technical parameters only confined to JD36 series.
◆ JS series with T cross moving bolster, adjustable stroke of air cushion, four-side 45°guide rail, guiding column and sleeves, combined wet clutch. (International brand).


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