Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow Production Line

Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow Production Line

This machine is servo drove and its electronic control system adopts touch screen and PLC. It is equipped with devices of pipe clamping, guide mould, mandrel, crease-resistant, assist pushing, pipe bending ,rotating pipe and so on.

Under hydraulic operation, this professional, high speed European pipe bending machine can bend various dimension both normal and abnormal shape metal pipes and bending angles are controlled by high precision imported encoder which ensures high precision of this machine.


The production of wheelbarrow requires major machines such as hydraulic presses, pipe bending machines, etc. The introduction is as follows:




Pipe bender

Pipe bender


CNC Full-Auto Numerical Control Single-Head Bending Machine:

CNC Full-Auto Numerical Control Single-Head Bending Machine


Machine Characteristics

SB-CNC Series numerical control single-head pipe bending machine is the product of the combination of our technology and advanced Italian technology, integrated with machine, hydraulic, and electricity. This series adopts touch screen operating panel, which can input, store, and display various bending data and orders.

Y, B, C three coordinates of motions under precision control by industrial computer can realize full-auto mandrel on or mandrel off rapid bending, CNC machine also with advanced functions, such as components bending spring back compensation, errors self diagnose alarm, memory store after power off, automatic lubrication and safety protection.

Pipe bending(C axis) is driven by oil cylinder, while pipe rotating (B axis) and pipe feeding(Y axis) are both driven by servomotor. Advanced technology, high automation reliability, integrated design all make CNC pipe bending machine the first class pipe processing machine in the world.


Main Technical Parameter

No Name Unit  Parameter
01 Max bending capability:Mild steel round tube mm ¢38*3
02 Min. bending radius mm R≥1.5D
03 Max. Bending radius(Standard) mm 300
04 Though Effective Distance mm 4000
05 Head overhang (on bending center) mm 500
06 Head height (on bending center) mm 120
07 Bending center height (from floor) mm 1050
08 Max. Bending Angle ° 190°
09 Max. Bending Speed °/sec 90
10 Bending Angle Precision ° ±0.10
11 Feeding pipe precision ° ±0.10
12 Max rotating speed °/sec 180
13 Max curves in one pipe curves 20
14 Pipes storage capacity pieces 200
15 Hydraulic System Motor Power KW 5.5
16 Hydraulic Pump Output Volume L 23
17 Max Pressure Mpa 16
18 Oil Tank Volume L 320
19 Repeated Location


Bending Axis ° ±0.1
Diversion Axis ° ±0.1
20 Ovality rate after processed <8%
21 Thickness Reduction after processed <12%
22 Tooling Center Height mm 55
23 Feeding Method 1.clamping 2.loosen
24 Feeding Servo KW 1.0
25 Rotating Servo KW 1.0
26 Gross Power KW 8
27 Machine Voltage V As per customer’s requirements
28 L*W*H mm 5000*1200*1300


Configuration of Hydraulic and Electronic Control System  

No Name Manufacturer
01 Touch screen Taiwan Weinview
02 PLC Japan Mitsubishi
03 Rotating servo motor Japan Mitsubishi
04 Feeding servo motor Japan Mitsubishi
05 Rotating driver Japan Mitsubishi
06 Feeding driver Japan Mitsubishi
07 Linear guideway  SHAC(Taiwan)
08 Magnetic Valve Japan Yuken
09 Flood Valve Japan Yuken
10 Oil tube Suzhou Kejia
11 integrated oil circuit Taiwan Shanghong
12 Vane pumps Taiwan Xinghong
13 Main motor Suzhou Jialifan
14 Emergency Button Omron
15 Oil tank Shanghai Qifan
16 Other electric parts Schneider
17 Optoelectric switch Omron
18 Power Switches Taiwan Meanwell
19 Relay integrated block Custom-made
20 Transformer Wuxi Xinyu
21 Reducer  hente
22 Bearing Wahaluo


Some small holes and shapes need No7, Tools to make holes in pipes. Forming pipe! Maybe it will need more tools, depending on the pipe details.

pipe2 pipe1


Y32 hydraulic press machine is four columns hydraulic press machine, The Hydraulic press has three-beam and four-pole structure, which means economical and practical. Operation space is wide, and the movable bolster could be moved out of frame to set the die. The structure is simple and the appliance is also beautiful. Hydraulic control adopts plug-in valve system, which means reliable motion and long service life.

The press could realize three-operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. The machine is applicable for metal sheet stretching and pulling, stretching, punching, bending. It is also used for pulling, stretching and pressing large-scale products. Presses offer fast, easy, and safe setup and operation as well as years of trouble-free service.

main components of Four Columns Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Machine main body    2. hydraulic wires   3. Controller       4. the valves     5. the motor     6. hydraulic cylinders.      7. Electric cabinets


Technical Features:

1、Post frame provides maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life. Thick plates and large columns provide you with the stable platform you need for your demanding application.

2、Long bearing length offers improved stability and resistance to off-center loading.

3、PLC press control is flexible and safe. PLC controls allow for customized press cycles.

4、Dual Palm Button control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms to OSHA.

5、Adjustable proximity switches allow stroke adjustments in seconds.

6、Pressure control and gauge allow tonnage adjustment in seconds.

7、Selector switch modes of operation: jog (setup) and run (cycle).

8、Wide range of hydraulic systems to match your requirements.

9、Large reservoirs minimize the need for oil coolers.

10、Large daylight accommodates large dies. Special daylights and bed sizes are available.

11、Long stroke lengths are adjustable from about 2 m to maximum. Special stroke lengths are available.

12、Pressure and distance reversal systems are standard.


Functions Options, we should change the price according to your options :

1、More daylight and stroke.

2、Movable worktable

3、Dwell timer and speed control.

4、Shuttle tables for automated and semi-automated production.

5、Touch screen control simplifies multiple job setups.

6、T-Slots and mounting holes: custom-designed for your tooling.

7、Interface for auxiliary controls.

8、Automatic cycle operation.

9、Light curtains: improved safety for press operation, can also be used for PSDI.


Configurations of main components:

Name Brand Name Brand Equipment’s working environment:

2.1 Power supply:3Ph AC 380V ± 10% 50HZ ± (optional)

2.2 ambient temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

2.3 Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%


Circuit Breaker Schneider, France Security Light Curtain SENSORC, China
Intermediate Relay CNHT, China Oil Pump Quality product, Taiwan
Power Source Schneider, France Hydraulic Valve Tian Li, Beijing
Button CNHT, China Sealing Element NOK, Japan
Motor & Time Relay SIEMENS, Germany PLC MITSUBISHI, Japan
Transformer Bright, Wuxi TPC MCGS, China

components of Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow Production Line 1 components of Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow Production Line 2 components of Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow Production Line 3


Side crimping machine 

side crimping machine side crimping machine1 side crimping machine2 side crimping machine3


Item technical parameter
Name Side crimping TYJ-1B91
Power 5.5kw
Voltage 380v/50Hz/3Ph
Max diameter 400mm
Max thickness 0.6-1.0mm
Speed 35-45s/p
System Air and hydraulic
Procedure 2p
Machine size 2200mm*1400mm*2500mm
Note the machine can fold and close the side edge.


Y32 200Ton Machines to punch the holes

Y32 200Ton Machine1 Y32 200Ton Machine2



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