Hinge Production Line

Hinge Production Line

The 2-in-1 CNC feeder production line, which is a combination of 2-in-1 material rack and leveler, NC servo feeder and punch press, is one of the common production lines in stamping automation. The configuration of NC servo feeder enables this production line to meet the needs of different products. Stamping production needs, easy operation, high precision, good stability, etc. Automatic production of hinges can be realized


Components for Automatic metal box production line

1) One Decoiler

2) One leveling machine

3) One NC feeder

4) One punching press machine

5) One product collecting table

6) One Electrical control panel

7) One punching mold

Automatic metal box production line

Production steps of automatic production line: Decoil roll material—–Leveling material—–Feeding—–Punching—–Collecting product


Respective usage and functions

1) Making multi grips of stainless steel

2) Making sheet brace straps

3) Making suspended ceiling hanger and connector

4) Making various hardware fitting product

5) Making metal spare parts

6) Perforating metal roll material



♦ It is widely used in punching, cutting, bending, dropping, forming, shallow stretching and other pressing processes.

♦ It can realize full range brake for more safety of operator.

♦ It is easy to operate for new users. No matter it is used for manual or automatic production line

♦ It can design various sizes of products according to customer requests.

♦ Automatic Production can improve production capacity, could save time, could save workers.

♦ We can provide 10 years technician support to you with strong and timely support


Main features

1) This production line can work automatically. Workers control and regulate this production line through electric control equipment. Feeding, punching, cutting, bending automatically.

2) Very reliable and steady as the controlling system complete with Siemens CPU 224 programmable logic controller (PLC).

3) It’s integration of Gas & Electrical, and centralized control. So feeding length, speed and other parameters are easy to set.

4) We can design and manufacture different machines on request.


2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler

2in1 uncoiler and leveler

About the 2 in 1:

1) Uncoiler and straightener two in one style improve factory usable space.

2) Straightening adopts the balance adjusting equipment and suitable for processing higher precision products.

3) Roller adopts the solid bearing steel and hard chrome plating treatment.



1. Equipped with precision adjusting micro components, Japan magnetic contractor and electronic components, minimum breakdown and long operating life.
2. Integrated with straightener and uncoiler into one machine, save volume, suitable for board processing. Automatically adjust feeding time according to output speed.
3. Hard-chrome plated rollers adopt the solid bearing steel, low wear and high precision
4. Controlled by modern transducer, variable speed control is used for normal and high-speed operation, keeping pace with straightening, stable feeding.

5. Integrated with Uncoiler and straightener. Save volume, suitable for board processing. Automatically adjust feeding time according to output speed.
6. All rolls are made of bearing steel, have all been quenched, hard-chrome plated and ground with mim HRC60 degree.
7. Use Japanese electromagnetic contact and electric parts, long service life.
8. A step-less variable speed control is used in normal and high-speed operation, controlled by modern frequency converters, keeping pace with straightening, stable feeding.
9. Leveler inclines appropriately to reduce feeding loop distance.
10. Constructed with a highly rigid structure and designed with a powerful motorized feeder



Model PR-150 PR-200 PR-300 PR-400 PR-500
Max. material width 150mm 200mm 300mm 400nn 500mm
Material thickness 0.4-1.5mm
Material weight 500kg 800kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg
Coil inner diameter 450-530mm
Coil outer diameter 1200mm
Straightening motor 1/2(HP) 1 (HP) 2 (HP) 2 (HP) 3(HP)
Uncoiler motor 1 (HP) 1 (HP) 2 (HP) 2(HP) 3 (HP)
Straightening roller Diameter 20*9/10(up/down)full drive
Straightening adjusting 4 point adjusting
Straightening speed 0-15m/min
Expansion style manual
Induction Induction table style


NC Feeder


Feature of Automatic feeder for press machine

1) Suitable for processing feeding materials in various thickness and length.

2) Suitable for high-speed feeding and long material processing to increase production capacity and feeding accuracy.

3) With a simple operation panel with numerical keys for operator to easily set the length of loading materials and the loading speed, featuring fast and accurate. Length of loading material covers 0.1mm-9999.99mm.

4) Adopted air-powered releasing device (the releasing position is accurate.) which can be used in a long time with a  low hazard rate.

5) Slackening style can be changed according to customer requirement. (only for NCR model and NCF model.)


NC Feeder Components list

Electrics SCHNEIDER For electric safety
Servo motor YASKAWA from Japan For long time using
PLC controller Delta from Taiwan To control the movement and speed
Man-machine interface WEINVIEW from Taiwan For convenient operation

Structure of  PLC pneumatic automatic NC servo feeder

1. Adopted high quality and brushless servo motor as the drive to shorten the time for delivery adjustment and testing.
2. Adopted high-sensitivity decoder to ensure back-feeding accuracy and improve loading accuracy.
3. Adopted timing belt to safeguard the gap between gears to guarantee low abrasion, noiseless, free of lubrication, security and environmental protection.
4. Motor is internally installed so as to avoid possible damages caused during transportation and loading.


Working principle: Uncoiling, feeding, punching and so on.

Model NCF-200 NCF-300 NCF-400 NCF-500
Max. feeding
200 300 400 500
Max. feeding
9999.99 9999.99 9999.99 9999.99
0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0
Mould line
100-250 100-250 100-250 100-250
Max. feeding
speed (m/min)
20 20 20 20
Slacking style Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Feeding capacity(thickness*width) 4mm*200mm 4mm*300mm 4mm*400mm 4mm*500mm
5mm*150mm 5mm*200mm 5mm*200mm 5mm*350mm
6mm*80mm 6mm*100mm 6mm*100mm 6mm*200mm


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