Electrical Junction Box Production Line

Electrical Junction Box Production Line

Metal Box Stamping Machine line

Components for Automatic metal box production line

(1) One Decoiler

(2) One leveling machine

(3) One NC feeder

(4) One punching press machine

(5) One product collecting table

(6) One Elcetrical control panel

(7) One punching mold

Automatic metal box production line

Production steps of automatic production line: Decoil roll material—–Leveling material—–Feeding—–Punching—–Collecting product


Respective usage and functions

1)  Making multi grips of stainless steel

2)  Making sheet brace straps

3)  Making suspended ceiling hanger and connector

4)  Making various hardware fitting product

5)  Making metal spare parts

6)  Perforating metal roll material



♦ It is widely used in punching, cutting, bending, dropping, forming, shallow stretching and other pressing processes.

♦ It can realize full range brake for more safety of the operator.

♦ It is easy to operate for new users. No matter it is used for manual or automatic production line

♦ It can design various sizes of products according to customer requests.

♦ Automatic Production can improve production capacity, could save time, could save workers.

♦ We can provide 10 years technician support to you with strong and timely support


Main features

1) This production line can work automatically. Workers control and regulate this production line through electric control equipment. Feeding, punching, cutting, bending automatically.

2) Very reliable and steady as the controlling system complete with Siemens CPU 224 programmable logic controller (PLC)

3) It’s the integration of Gas & Electrical, and centralized control. So feeding length, speed and other parameters are easy to set.


We can design and manufacture different machines on request

2in1 uncoiler and leveler Feeder


Mold details 72*72*35mm(L*W*H)

Mold details2 Mold details3

Mold details1


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