Double Station Linear Material Rack

Double Station Linear Material Rack


PM-LJZ-400*400/800*800/600*600P(Fuel injection)

Model Double station straight line rack
Parameter PM-LJZ-400*400 PM-LJZ-800*800 PM-LJZ-600*60OP
Parameter Index
Voltage 3-phase 5-wire AC38050/60Hz
Installed power 2KW
Rated current 6A
Working temperature 20~45r
Relative humidity of working environmen 20~80%
Productivity(products size difference) 600~1000(17times/mins) 600~800(17times/mins) 600~800(13times/mins)
Feeder accuracy ±0.2mm
Maximum sheet size(round/square) 400*400mm 800*800mm 600*600mm
Minimum size of sheet (round/square) 60*100mm(60*60custom) 250*120mm 200*100mm(80*80custon
Maximum height of stockpile 300-500mm(depending on site)
Maximum load of silo 900kg 2800kg 1600k
ron charge Magnetic splitter
Principle of distribution
Aluminum,copper,steel materials Blowing,scraping,shaking material
Duplex detection Double sheet detection controller
Jacking system oil hydraulic system
Control system PLC
Robot weight ≈1000Kg ×2000Kg ≈2000Kg

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