Double-Head Pipe Bending Machine

Double-Head Pipe Bending Machine

Machinery Features

  1. According to the base structure of the different types of standard and rotary type
    a、Standard type: head can not be turned, double headed from the 0-90°can be arbitrary adjustment.
    b、Rotary type: head can be tured, double-head adjustable bend angle from the degree 0-185°, but must consider the problem of reclaiming.
  2. Adopting PLC control, easy operation, easy to maintain.
  3. It can be divided into the whole cycle, half cycle for the choice of operation.
  4. According to the size of different materials, you can choose one or more than one operation.
  5. Standard accessories: a group of mold a group of ruler.


Double Head Pipe Bending Machine


Technical Parameters

Model SW-38NC SW-50NC
Hydraulic motor power 4kw 5.5kw
Max. oil pressure 140kg/cm² 140kg/cm²
Max. applicable pipe (carbon steel) Φ38×1.8t Φ50x2t
Applicable bending radius 38-200mm 45-300mm
Double bending center range 170-1450mm 190-1650mm
Max. bending angle 185° 185°
Max. processing capacity Φ25×2 tube Φ28×2 tube


Automation Pipe Bending Production Line

Machinery Features

  1. The pipe fittings are automatically fed through the feeding rack, saving labor.
  2. Carry out 3DCNC servo pipe bending with stable performance.
  3. When the pipe bending is completed, the manipulator automatically grabs the workpiece, and at the same time, the bending pipe is unclamped, and the manipulator places the workpiece in the material frame.
  4. The cost of mechanical automation is low, and it can directly and effectively replace labor.
  5. When the workpiece is being bent, other operations can be done manually.



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