CNC Turret Punch

CNC Turret Punch



Nominal force KN 300
Workpiece size mm 1250×2000
Max workpiece weight Kg 156
Max workpiece thickness mm 6.35
Max punch diameter mm Ф88.9
Number of stations 24
Working accuracy mm ±0.1
Max. hit speed HPM 600
Workpiece traveling speed m/min 106
Turret speed r/min 30
Frame construction Closed-type
Throat mm 1275
Number of control axis 4 axes (X, Y, T, C)
Max rotary station punching diameter mm Ф50.8
Repeatability mm 0.02
Number of clamp 2
Clamp type Pneumatic type
Heat treatment of the frame Tempering
Tool type Long guide sleeve type (AMADA)
Turret construction Long bushing in the thin turret
Air pressure Mpa 0.6
Machine dimension (L*W*H) mm 4800*2700*2200
Machine weight kg 17500


Machine Feature

1. Advanced and reliable Mechanical drive system can select stroke automatically corresponding to different thickness of metal sheet and is convenient to realize special process of louver, blanking, etc. The punch is equipped with auto Mechanical overload protection device, and guarantees consistent pressing force for quality products.
2. The punch is of FANUC 0iP control system.
3. Rotary tooling stations are of worm wheel structure with max. punching diameter of Ф50.8.
4. Dual turret is of long insert structure ensuring coaxiality of the punch and die, which gives long life to the tool and turret.
5. Imported pneumatic and Mechanical components guarantee reliability of the machine.
6. Imported ballscrews with long travel, and linear guideways ensure transmission precision.
7. The worktable with hard brush and steel ball reduces noise and shock of the machine, and protects surface of the work piece.
8. The machine is straight-side frame, which is annealed for eliminating inner stress.
9. The clamps with auto protection function, in the protective zone, only excise movement without punching action for continuous operation.
10. Central lubrication device provides lubricant oil to the desired points to reduce friction of pairing elements for long machine life.
12. Tool station layout consists of A、B、C、D, which is convenient for the customer and save the tool cost.
13. Common requirement is for site foundation preparation and machine installation is simple.


Main Imported Components List        

1 Control system 1 set China ADTECH
2 Servo unit and motor 3 set China ADTECH
3 Mechanical punching head 1 set German H & L
4 Ballscrews 2 THK Japan
5 Linear guideways 4 THK Japan
6 Supporting bearing for ballscrews 8 Japanese NSK
7 Supporting bearing for turret 4 French TIM
8 Pneumatic component 1 set Japanese SMC
9 Connector 1 set Korean SANG-A
10 Coupling 10 set German KTR
11 Main electronic elements 1 set Imported


FAUNC Control System

1. System configuration

a) Step punch function, graphic function, applicable program and data of CNC memory and definition 0.1μm.
b) Simple international G code for operation.
c) Standard RS232 interface with the PC.
d) Advanced AC servo system and servo motor modular design for easy maintenance.
e) Outstanding MMC dialogue function between the machine and operator.
f) Color TFT 10.4″display.
g) Chinese and English versions are available.
h) Programming on line and background programming.
i) Distance diagnosis function.


2. System functions

a) Linear axis: X-axis, Y-axis; Rotary axis: T-axis, C-axis.

b) Self-diagnosis function.

c) International G code programming.

d) Soft limit protection function and repositioning function.

e) Pitch compensation function and reverse gap compensation function.

f) Different operation modes such as Auto, Manual, Semi-auto, etc.

g) Clamp protection function.

h) Parameter programming function and subroutine recall function.

i) Quick positioning function.

j) Various M function and other supporting function.

k) Absolute, incremental programming; conditional and non-conditional skip function.

l) Warning indication for overload, overflowing, over-travel and various Mechanical and electronic faults.

m) The control system special for CNC turret punch


Supply Range

1. One set of CNC turret punch (include 32 pair of Chinese standard tools).

2. Accessories with the machine:

1 Foundation iron block 240×240 6
2 Adjusting bolts M42×2 6 pairs
3 Foot pedal YDTF-11 1

3. Tools for machine installation and maintenance

1 Phillips screwdriver 1
2 In-line screwdriver 1
3 Socket hexagon spanner 1.5-14 1 set
 4 Open spanner 5.5-24 1 set
5 Adjustable wrench 12″ 1

4. Spare parts with the machine:

1 Steel ball/Brush 100 each
2 Toothed plate of clamp 1 pair

5. Documents with the machine:

1 Packing list 1
2 Quality certificate 1
3 Instruction manual (Mechanical) 1
4 Instruction manual (electrical) 1
5 Foundation drawing 1 set Deliver to the user upon the contract takes into effect.
6 Electrical diagrams 1 set
7 System documents 1 set
8 Parameters disk 1

6. 32- Station Layout

Station type Dimension range Stations for each type
A ф3 – ф12.7 12
B ф12.7 – ф31.75 8
C ф31.75 – ф50.8 2
D ф50.8 – ф88.9 2

(Note: Above-mentioned 24- station standard tools are of square, rectangle, round and obround shapes. Additional payment is for special tools.)

7. Environment Conditions for the Machine

a) Power: 380V ± 10%, 50HZ

b) Temperature: 5 – 40℃ (for machine operation)

c) Relative Humidity: 20 – 80%RH

d) Keep this machine away from a strong shock source and electromagnetic source.

e) Free from harmful and corrosive gas and dust.

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