CNC Turret Punch with 12 Stations

CNC Turret Punch with 12 Stations


CNC turret punching machine 12 station machine used to punch inlet/outlet water hole of electric water heater. And also used to punch flanges holes and many other holes need on electric water heater.

CNC turret punch with 12 stations2


There are 10 (8 or 12 optional ) station in this machine and the DIE can be changed easily.

5.Punchhousing: Adopt strengthened rib plate (80mm), strong housing, not easy to bedeformed.

6.CNC Feeding machine housing: feeding part whole set has been drawing temper treated at fireplace; internal stress has been eliminated completely. Housing adopts widened lever double rail design, more stable.

7.Clutch: Pneumatic rubbing clutch, adopting safe double values control,

8.Turret/Die: Adopt international common die. Die setup height 660mm, AMADA thick turret long guiding construction. Die material is Japan High-speed tool steel SKH-9. The dies supplied are compatible with AMADA AE255NT and AE2510NT machines.

9.Guide screw/linear guide rail: Adopt Taiwan Hiwin product, long distance precise ball screw: 5 degree accuracy. Linear guide rail adopts widened flange type slider.

10.Motor/Driver: Panasonic AC servo motor

11.Main electric component: Whole set Schneider electric component. Proximity switches are from

Japan OMRON. Contactor is from Siemens.

12.Control Unit: Siemens system

13.Coupler: Italy SIT Coupler, to ensure driving and correcting/adjustment accuracy.

14.Pliers: Pneumatic floating pliers. Can avoid sheet damage during punching

15.Work table: Good quality flexible brush, running stable, no resistance, will not scratch sheet.INFORMATION

Specification ZH-0825 ZH-1025 ZH-0850 ZH-1050
Machine Pressure (KN) 300 KN (30 Tons)
Machine Punching Diameter (mm) 50.8 (Option: 88.9)
Max Thickness Workpiece (mm) 6.35
Precision Punching (mm) +/- 0.1
Repeatability (mm) +/- 0.05
Punching Frequency (stamp/min) 200
Processing Size (mm) 1,250×2,500 1,250×5,000
Tool Change (set) 12 12 12 12
Number Clamp (set)/Axis (set) 2 / 2
Dimension (mm) 4,850x3300x2,100 4,850×5,300×2,100
Weight (kg) 8,000 9,000


CNC turret punch with 12 stations3

CNC turret punch with 12 stations4

CNC turret punch with 12 stations5

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