3.1 Meter Intelligent Joint Stamping Manipulator (Model:PM-MD-3100)

3.1 Meter Intelligent Joint Stamping Manipulator (Model:PM-MD-3100)

  • lt is suitable for the multi- press connection site of 1600T and below tonnage and the multi-mode press site of one machine.
  • The size of the grabbed product is recommended to be within 2000*2000 mm.
  • Suitable for stamping sites of electronic products, home appliance parts, mechanical parts and auto parts,At the same time, it is suitable for the palletizing and depalletizing of common sheet materials.

3.1 Meter Intelligent Joint Stamping Manipulator (Model:PM-MD-3100):

Model PM-MD-3100
Parameter Unit Index
Voltage V 3-phase 5 wire AC380 50/60Hz
Installed power KW 8.5
Working temperature -20~45
Relative humidity of working environment % 20~80
Maximum working radius mm 3100
Minimum working radius mm 1050
Maximum precise repeatability mm ±0.1
Grab weight 100KG
The maximum range of motion of each joint 0 J1±160°
0 J2+75°,-40°
0 J3+75°,-52°
0 J4士300°
The maximum speed of each joint movement °/S J1  164.1
°/S J2  120
°/S J3  156.7
°/S J4 167.7
Robot weight kg ≈1500

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