1.2 Meter Intelligent Joint Stamping Manipulator (Model:PM-MD-1200 )

1.2 Meter Intelligent Joint Stamping Manipulator (Model:PM-MD-1200 )

  • Suitable for press machines with a tonnage of 1 10T and below, the press center distance is within 2.2m.
  • The size of the grabbed product is recommended to be within 400* 400 mm.
  •  lt is suitable for the stamping site of small electronic products, home appliance parts and mechanical parts.

Model PM-MD-1200
Parameter Unit Index
Voltage V Phase AC 50/60Hz
Installed power KW 3.5
Working temperature -20~45
Relative humidity of working environment % 20~80
Maximum working radius mm 1200
Minimum working radius mm 250
Maximum precise repeatability mm ±0.1
Grab weight 6KG
The maximum range of motion of each joint 0 J1±160°
0 J2+75°,-35°
0 J3+75°,-25°
0 J4士300°
The maximum speed of each joint movement °/S J1  152.5
°/S J2  148.7
°/S J3  191.4
°/S J4 360
Robot weight kg ≈275


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