Primapress punching machine

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Primapress punching machine

Punching line, here are two types, one is manual line production and the other is automatic line production. 

The stamping die of the manual line is relatively simple, and the requirements for the equipment are not very high, which is characterized by low cost, but the production efficiency is slow, the product quality is unstable, and the production personnel will have certain security risks. 

The mold of the automatic line is relatively complex, and the requirements for the equipment are also relatively high. However, its advantage is that the production efficiency is fast, the relative stability of product quality is greatly enhanced, and the safety hazards on the site are greatly reduced.

Today we’re going to talk about two types power press of automatic punching line.

Power press, it’s a ram press. in national production, the stamping process is more and more widely used because of the advantages of saving materials and energy than traditional machining, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators and products that can not be achieved by mechanical processing through various mold applications. stamping production is mainly for sheet metal. Through the mold, can make blanking, punching, forming, drawing, dressing, fine punching, shaping, riveting and extruding parts, etc., widely used in various fields.

1. Mechanical power press:

Mechanical power press

Mechanical power press, rigid rotary key clutch, manual mold adjustment, scale display, easy to operate and easy to maintain. according to the structure, it can be divided into open-tilting press and deep throat with fixed bed; according to the stroke,it can be divided into fixed stroke and adjustable stroke. these depends on the cutomer’s product, choose the type that is more suitable for the customer’s product.

2. Pneumatic power press:

Pneumatic power press

Pneumatic power press, the fuselage is welded by steel plate, with small deformation and good rigidity. The pneumatic combined friction clutch and brake is used, which has long life, low noise and smooth transmission. Slider six-sided guide, high precision guide rail, can extend the life of the mold, mold height adjustment is convenient and reliable, with emergency stop, inch, single and continuous operation specifications.

The press machine is very widely applicable and irreplaceable, which can greatly improve your production efficiency. If you are interested in primapress power press, please come to consult, tell us what products you need to make, it is best to have the photos and drawings of the products, so that we can recommend the best model for your work, and quote you clearly.

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