Operating procedures and precautions for punch press machine operators in actual production

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Operating procedures and precautions for punch press machine operators in actual production

Punch press machine operation is a dangerous job, especially the performance and operation of each punch press machine press are different. Therefore, before actually operating the punch press machine press, the operator must read the punch press machine press manual carefully, and strictly follow the requirements of the manual, and follow the correct steps. And operate the punch press machineing press reliably.

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Don’t ignore this item because you have actual experience in operating the punch press machineing press. It is forbidden to modify or ignore the operation steps by yourself. Blind operation may easily cause punch press machineing accidents.

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The punch press machine operator must pay attention to the “Warning” mark of the punch press machine:

1. The punch press machine press has more overloaded devices, and it is equipped with more and has more functions. Pneumatic punch press machineing machine only uses its switch, that is, split-inch, one-stroke, stroke and continuous operation modes, and can be divided into two-hand, one-hand, and foot-operated modes, which is convenient for all kinds of punch press machineing methods to meet requirements) , Before you can actually operate the punch press machine.

2. punch press machineing machines are equipped with international protection measures. For the punch press machineing equipment sold by Jin, it is forbidden to modify the control circuit or add equipment other than the original device by yourself. If you do have actual requirements, you can directly contact us.

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Operating procedures of punch press machine press

The correctness of the operating procedures and methods of the press is directly related to the personnel of the operators. punch press machineing machine is a processing machine tool with greater risks. It requires a firm idea, strict operation process, and strict prevention of accidents.

1. punch press machine workers need to learn, master the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operating procedures and obtain operating permits before they can operate independently;

2. Use the protection and control devices on the equipment correctly, and do not dismantle them arbitrarily;

3. Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the machine tool and the protective safety device are normal. The screws of the mold must be firm and must not be moved;

4. The machine tool should be idling for 2-3 minutes before working, check the flexibility of the foot brake and other control devices, and use it after confirming that it is normal, and it should not run with illness;

5. The mold must be firm and firm, the upper and lower molds are aligned to ensure that the position is correct, and the machine tool is moved by hand to test punch press machine (empty) to ensure that the mold is in good condition;

6. Pay attention to lubrication before driving, and remove the floating objects on the bed;

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7. When the punch press machine is taken out or is running and punch press machineing, the operator should stand properly, keep a certain distance between his hands and head and the punch press machine, and always pay attention to the movement of the punch press machine, and it is strictly forbidden to chat with others;

8. When punch press machineing or making short and small workpieces, use special tools and do not directly feed or take parts by hand;

9. When punch press machineing or manufacturing long-body parts, a supporting rack should be set up or other measures should be taken to avoid digging and injury;

10. When single punch press machineing, the hands and feet are not allowed to be placed on the hand and foot brakes, and they need to be lifted (stepped) at a time to prevent accidents;

11. When two or more people are working together, the person responsible for moving (stepping) the gate should pay attention to the actions of the feeder. It is strictly forbidden to pick up the parts while moving (step) the gate at the same time;

12. Stop in time at the end of the work, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine tool, and clean up the environment. 

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