How to buy and check the quality of metal punch presses machine?

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How to buy and check the quality of metal punch presses machine?

When we purchase a metal punch press machine, we must inspect the quality of the metal punch press to see if it is qualified.

To check the quality of the metal punch press machine, first look at the shape of the metal punch press, and observe whether the body and base of the

metal punch press are intact, whether they are smooth, whether the gear flywheel is normal, whether the painting is even, etc., be sure to check carefully ,

To prevent individual metal punch press manufacturers from being shoddy, and use second-hand metal punch presses to repaint as new metal punch presses for sale.

The second is to listen, start the metal punch press, listen to whether the noise of the metal punch press is large or small, listen to whether the sound of the

metal punch press is normal when the punching operation is completed, and if possible, install the mold for the metal punch press. In actual operation,

listen to whether the processing sound of the metal punch press is normal.

After careful observation, we were able to buy qualified metal punch press products.

It is important to determine some elements before choosing a metal punch press machine. 

1. To choose a metal punch pressmachine, you must first clearly understand the characteristics of the processed product (including the nature of

2. the stamping process used, the size of the production batch, the geometry and size of the stamping parts, the accuracy requirements, the distribution of the process,

3. and the method of taking the finished product. , Waste disposal, etc.).

4. The characteristics of various stamping equipment (including pressure and power, which auxiliary devices and functions are provided, stroke, speed, accuracy,

5. mold loading space, operating space, etc.).

6. Then make a combination that suits the characteristics of the two. That is to say, the performance of the selected equipment should be adapted to the

7. requirements of the processing of the product to the performance of the equipment, and try not to cause defects or waste. Determine the type and

8. specifications of the required metal punch press.

Example: Open high-performance fixed table press machine JZ21-250B

Use and structural performance

The general-purpose high-performance press machine is widely used in industries such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, motors, electrical appliances,

instrumentation, medical equipment, home appliances, and hardware.

Open high-performance fixed table press JZ21-250B machine

· The body is welded with steel plate, and the rigidity is obviously better than that of ordinary machine tools.

· Rectangular hexahedral guide rail, long guide, wear resistance, precision and stability.

· Rigid crushing block type protection device can protect the mold.

· Adopt combined pneumatic clutch-brake, imported friction material, long service life.

· Closed gear transmission, immersed in oil for lubrication, smooth transmission and low noise.

· The slider above 100T (including 100T) is equipped with a pneumatic balancing device to remove gaps and improve stability and accuracy.

· Automatic lubrication at fixed time, fixed point and fixed quantity, with sufficient lubrication, reliability and long life.

· Adopt PLC electrical control system, which is stable and reliable.

· Optional air cushion, photoelectric protection, automatic feeding, quick mold change device and variable speed device.

metal punch presses machine
metal punch presses machine
metal punch presses machine
metal punch presses machine

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