Four-column hydraulic press from Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD.

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Four-column hydraulic press from Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD.

In our major production and sales of machinery and equipment for decades, countless customers after using our machinery and equipment to give us a high evaluation. We are constantly developing innovative new technologies and winning the hearts and minds of many repeat customers. , but in addition to end-use customer transactions, we at Nanjing Prima are also exploring a new path, which is to cooperate with quality agents, with their help, to introduce our Prima brand to more machines and equipment in need of it. We will continue to improve the quality, improve the after-sale ability, so that more customers in the use of our Prima machinery and equipment can be full of praise, so that we go out in the development of many enterprises. A path of our own.

Four-column hydraulic press

March 2023 On the chat software, Mr. michael from Greece was interested in our hydraulic press at the beginning. At the beginning, after knowing their demand for hydraulic press, we had an in-depth discussion and discussed according to their requirements. I got an accurate quote and gained Mr. michael’s trust. I also learned that he belongs to the technical support of their company, and that their company is a relatively big shop in Greece, selling mechanical equipment, which made me more determined to continue in the future. Follow-up ideas for collaboration. In the first round, three mechanical devices were identified and they mentioned the need for a hydraulic press. I think this is a good opportunity. For the technical parameters provided by them, I made an accurate quotation and negotiation.

He consulted a 500T hydraulic press equipment, mainly used in one of their production of pressing products, after they confirmed the travel, height, table size, and so on technology, finally determined the solution.

We are now fully engaged in machinery production. The first round of machinery and equipment will soon be completed and sent to Greece. We hope to get their recognition and support. For subsequent cooperation, customer expectations, while improving the quality of machinery. Ensure timely after-sales.

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In fact, no matter what kind of customer we are, Prima always maintains the belief of providing customers with the best quality machinery and services. We hope that in the future, we can gain the trust of more customers and develop further.

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