Features of stamping pneumatic punch press machineing machine

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Features of stamping pneumatic punch press machineing machine

Features of stamping  pneumatic punch press machine:

1. Compressed air is used as the power source, which is easy to operate and has a simple structure.

2. Using microcomputer control system, the mode can be selected from manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Heated molds, temperature controls and pressure sensors can be added. Simple structure.

3. Equipped with anti-rotation guide rods and guide plates, with high precision and suitable for high-speed blanking.

4. The height, speed, stroke, pressure and punching time can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different products or molds.

5. There is no noise generated when the hydraulic system is in standby, which can save power consumption and reduce production costs.

6. It can be controlled by both hands or by foot. Secure the operator’s body.

The working principle ofstamping  pneumatic punch press machine

=The working principle of thestamping  pneumatic punch press machine:

1.stamping  pneumatic punch press machineing machine works by transmitting the inertial force of the flywheel to the crankshaft, connecting rod and slider by the pneumatic clutch. The working principle is shown in the attached drawing; the crankshaft connecting rod is rigid, so the slider movement is mandatory. At the same speed, The stroke times and motion curve of the slider are fixed.

2. Using the high-pressure gas generated by the compressor, the compressed gas is delivered to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, and the action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the work and return of the cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of punching.

3. The compressed air can be stored in the air storage tank and used at any time, so the motor has no energy waste of idling. The cylinder is used as the working part and the solenoid valve is used as the control element, so that the structure of the machine is simpler, the failure rate is low, the maintenance is simple, and the maintenance cost is lower.

Pneumatic punch structure

What is astamping  pneumatic punch press machine?stamping  pneumatic punch press machine is a high-speed punching equipment with high punching accuracy and high speed that uses a compressor to generate gas. Compared with ordinary punching machines, thestamping  pneumatic punch press machineing machine adopts advanced photoelectric protection technology and uses pneumatic clutch brake type punching equipment, which realizes the mutual cooperation between computer counting and program, and greatly improves work efficiency.

Thestamping  pneumatic punch press machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, pneumatic clutch, slider and micro-control system.

1. Body: It is cast into one piece with the worktable. The slider moves up and down in the guide rail on the body of thestamping  pneumatic punch press machine. The gap between the guide rail and the slider is adjusted by the top wire. After adjustment, the cap is tightened.

2. Clutch: The composite dry pneumatic clutch is adopted. The built-in bearing of the flywheel is fixedly combined with the clutch and the sealing plate. When the start control button is pressed, the air is pressed into the clutch by the solenoid valve, and the power of the flywheel is transmitted to the crankshaft for work, and the kinetic energy of the control panel is selected. The key can realize the continuous work of the inching stroke.

3. Slider: The connecting rod and the ball head adjusting screw convert the circular motion of the crankshaft into a reciprocating motion. The ball head screw can adjust the clamping force and adjust the height of the mold used. For solid molds, large molds can use the template holes on both sides and the slider adjustment hole to be equipped with a material withdrawal device, and adjust the top material seats on both sides according to the height of the mold to realize automatic material removal work.

4. Operating mechanism: controlled by a microcomputer, and the status mode is displayed on the panel. When the status bar displays jog, the machine can be started synchronously with both hands to achieve 360-degree arbitrary stop. Movement, the synchronous start time is 0, 2-0, 3 seconds. When starting the stroke or continuous work, use the inch kinetic energy to point the hour hand of the display at 12 o’clock, or observe the angle table at 12 o’clock, plus or minus 20 degrees can start; When working continuously, you must press and hold the start button with both hands to make the machine run continuously for 5-7.

stamping  pneumatic punch press machine
stamping  pneumatic punch press machine
stamping  pneumatic punch press machine
stamping  pneumatic punch press machine
stamping  pneumatic punch press machine

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