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Professional Press & Punch Manufacturer Since 1990

Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the center of China’s machine tool industry, MaanShan BoWang District Sanyang Industrial Park. we have more than 30 years manufacturing history with 540 technicians and 60000 sqm factory building sizes. Now we have 3 factories, just nearby each others in the same city.

Our company specializes in sheet metal machine by Primapress brand like: press machines, power press machine, automatic production line,  CNC bending machine, fiber laser cutting machine machines, all kinds of hydraulic machine, power press macihne, and other metal forming forging equipment.

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We commit a modern enterprise management methods, committed management and meticulous management and zero defect operation. Based on the quality of the product management, its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable price, and improve after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese and foreign customers praise.

Primapress machine is widely sold and used in more than 130 nations over 200 varieties of sizes sheet metal.

Primapress company specializes in the export business, the company already has ISO and CE certification, the products are widely exported to Southeast Asia, EU, South America, the Middle East and other markets, with good quality, suitable price.

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