About press punch machine from Thailand-Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD.

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About press punch machine from Thailand-Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD.

At the end of September 2022, Mr. nattapong contacted me. We discussed the press at the very beginning, that is, the punch press. I shared many photos with him, including our JH21 pneumatic series and the most basic mechanical punch of J23. Then the customer told me that he needed the quotation and technical parameters of 40.80 and 125T respectively, and I also shared many of them with the customer successively.
At the same time, I also helped the customer share the differences between these punches and told him the differences between the ordinary mechanical punches and the pneumatic punches, so that the customer could have a better understanding of our products. Then he told me my needs. Finally, the customer confirmed two 63T and one J23 mechanical punches of 80 after repeated confirmation. And purchased a JH21-160T pneumatic punch press for him.
In the trading center of this transaction, there are also many competitors, but the customer is more concerned about the quality of the product, including our after-sales service, as well as our many good comments and customer comments on us is the magic weapon to win.
Customers do not blindly pursue cheap prices, and the quality of good machinery and equipment, good service and price are really the key to impress customers.

About press punch machine

Some customers also need a plate shearing machine during their discussion. Just as we are a professional manufacturer of mechanical equipment, we can also provide it to customers. Therefore, as a manufacturer of mechanical equipment, customers need diversified mechanical equipment, so we, as a manufacturer, have been trying to diversify our production products. This is convenient for customers and for us to introduce our strength to customers.
We, primapress, are determined to be a sincere first, do a good job in product quality, the best after-sales service quality, so that we can get more customers’ favor, this is what we have been doing.

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In fact, many customers are very professional, and their needs are particularly clear. We only need to reply to them accurately and professionally, and their recognition of us will increase.
And I guarantee the customer that we will provide after-sales support as soon as possible, and improve the quality of mechanical products. The customer has also made the idea of ​​continuing cooperation in the follow-up if the product quality is good.
In fact, no matter what kind of customer, we prima must give customers the best mechanical equipment and the most timely after-sales service, so that customers can choose us without worries. I also firmly believe that we will go further and further in the future development.

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