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About JB23 punch press machine

At the end of April 2023 of this year, I was very happy to get in touch with Mr. Mario, Firstly, we discussed about the punching press, because he has an old machine of primapress in 2019, and wants to buy bigger one, I shared many pictures with him, including our 63T hydraulic press, 80T punching machine.

Then the customer told me that he needed 2 sets machines,, according to his product photos and size, I gave him a design solution, which included our press and punch machine, after listening to my plan, he thinks I am very professional and immediately asked me to give him an offer.

JB23 punch press machine 1

According to the improved plan, the force of the punch press should reach 100T, the quotation needs to be updated, then I recommend 100T punching machine to him.

And about the punch press machine, we have ordinary mechanical punches and the pneumatic punches, I told him about the difference, so that the customer could have a better understanding of our products.

Of course, during this discussion, he also received a lot of offers from other factories, but he still trusted us Primapress, and he think we are more professional.

JB23 punch press machine 2

Customer knew that we are a manufacturer machinery and give him the best price and good quality. Good service, good quality and best price are the basis of gaining their trust, then get more orders. 

Just like this customer, In less than a month, he had ordered 100T and 80T punching presses from us.

Our Primapress, first of all, the most advantageous place is the very good quality, and must give customers the best mechanical equipment and the most timely after-sales service, only in this way, after the customer receives the machine, they will want to continue to cooperate with us. 

No matter what kind of customer, our Prima follow the customer first, do our own brand, good service to every customer, enough patience and confidence will let us gain more.

As long as we trust each other with each customer, I firmly believe that we will become stronger in the future development.

JB23 punch press machine 3

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