About install Y32-200T hydraulic press machine test instructions

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About install Y32-200T hydraulic press machine test instructions

Step 1 Tubing connection, add oil

Put the machine and the fuel tank in place (The fuel tank is about 50 cm away from the machine), Keep the distance between the machine and the oil tank, and the tubing is not close to the girder.

Check O-ring before connecting the oil tubing.

hydraulic press machine test-1

Start connecting pipes, tubing and valves are marked, connect and tighten.

Start to add no. 46 hydraulic oil, the first refueling to add the tank to the full.

100tons – 300kg, 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil 

200tons – 450kg, 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil

315tons – 680kg, 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil

(Some machines may not make the standard size of the machine fuel tank, please consult separately)

hydraulic press machine test-2
hydraulic press machine test-3

Page exceeds the liquid level meter

Note: The machine should directly fill up the fuel tank, and exceed the liquid level (the machine oil cylinder and liquid filling tank will have some oil after normal operation) 

Step 2 Install limit, power-line connection, direction of motor rotation

The main cylinder limit switch is divided into upper, middle and lower three, which are marked on the switch and installed on the limit bracket in order.

hydraulic press machine test-4

1. After installation, properly adjust the distance from the probe to the work table within 5mm

hydraulic press machine test-5

This can be adjusted in height according to product requirements in later use.

2. Install the moving push-button box,

hydraulic press machine test-6

Connect with the plug on the electric box to tighten it properly.

Connect the power cord, which penetrates from the hole at the back of the power box,Connect to terminal L1, L2, L3, three fire wire and PE ground wire.

hydraulic press machine test-7

After connecting the power cord, open and close all the blanks, open the electric lock switch, the indicator light is on, and check whether the emergency stop button is open.

hydraulic press machine test-8

3. Press the start button and immediately stop the button,observe the steering of the motor,Motor steering should ask clockwise, if the motor steering is counterclockwise, adjust the connection power sequence.

hydraulic press machine test-9

Step 3 Test-run a machine

The knob selects the main cylinder adjustment, tops out the cylinder manual function, press the hydraulic start, start the motor

hydraulic press machine test-10

1. Press the main cylinder return button, keep hold, the new oil cylinder without oil.

hydraulic press machine test-11

It may have to hold the cylinder for a few seconds before the action. The jitter is normal during the test machine until the upper limit stops.

hydraulic press machine test-12

Then both hands continue to press the main cylinder down button, the cylinder slow down.

2. When adjusting the action, the whole slow down, slow down can make the cylinder express filled with hydraulic oil,Keep holding the button until the cylinder stops by going down to the lower limit. Press and hold down the main cylinder return button, you need about 2-3 up and down back and forth action.

hydraulic press machine test-13

The cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil, and the flushing tank starts to return the oil.

3. Press the top cylinder push button top cylinder push out, move up and down 2-3 times to remove the air in the cylinder and fill with hydraulic oil.

hydraulic press machine test-14

4. Install the ceiling cylinder limit, the top cylinder limit is divided into upper and down, marked on the switch.

hydraulic press machine test-15

First put the top cylinder back to the dead point position, Install the lower limit, The lower limit switch is mounted on the lower limit bracket, The limit switch lights on. Then press the top cylinder rise button, Top out of the cylinder to the top position, and then install the upper limit.

hydraulic press machine test-16

Step 4 Adjustment, manual action instructions

1. When adjusting and manual action, hold the button to move, release the button to stop.

2. The whole adjustment action is slow down, suitable for the mold test mold use.

3. When holding down the return button, the main cylinder does not act immediately, there will be a certain time delay.

4. The height of the main cylinder limit and the ceiling cylinder limit should be adjusted according to the mold requirements. The height of the mid-limit is generally 5-10 mm above the lower mode. The height is adjusted appropriately during the mold test, and the main cylinder is quickly descending without no load during production. Turn to slow suppression during fast contact workpiec. According to the product demand to shorten the slow height can improve the production efficiency.


1) The pressure gauge will not show the pressure during the hydraulic press!

2), the machine in the test or use process, the cylinder can not cross the lower limit over the stroke pressure!

3) The mold height shall be greater than the minimum closure height. Otherwise, you won’t press the mold.

Step 5 Automatic action instructions

1. The main cylinder single automatic: both the main cylinder automatic operation, the top cylinder can choose manual operation or can choose the top cylinder stop not to participate in the action.

2. Top out action: action order: press both hands down button-the main cylinder fast down-to the middle limit to slow down-to the lower limit to stop down

hydraulic press machine test-17

Automatic return-to ceiling stop action-top out cylinder top out to ceiling stop-top out cylinder return to bottom stop.

hydraulic press machine test-18

3. Stretch action: Press the two-hand down button-the main cylinder fast down-to the middle limit to slow suppression-suppressionTop out of the cylinder down-stop action after the lower limit automatic return-top out to the upper limit of the top cylinder stop action.

4. The main cylinder downward stop limit can be used with limit control and stroke control. It can be selected by the setting gear and pressure holding knob.

Step 6 Stress adjustment demonstration

Reduce the system remote counterclockwise and press the down button,When the main cylinder goes down to the middle limit,Because the pressure is very small, the downward trend is very slow or motionless, because the downward trend requires a certain amount of pressure.

hydraulic press machine test-19

Remote pressure adjustment clockwise. The main cylinder continues to descend, and the pressure gauge does not show the pressure during the no-load process of the machine.

hydraulic press machine test-20

The main cylinder is pressed down until the mold starts pressing the pressure gauge, the black pointer shows the pressure, the system clockwise, the pressure gauge pressure rises, and the black pointer of the pressure gauge will stop the pressure when it touches the red pointer

hydraulic press machine test-21

When using the stretching function, it is necessary to adjust the pinch pressure of the top cylinder. When the main cylinder presses down, the pressure gauge of the top cylinder shows the pressure.

hydraulic press machine test-22

Adjust remotely through the top cylinder.

Also clockwise pressure and counterclockwise pressure.

hydraulic press machine test-23

The pressure size is also adjusted according to the product requirements

hydraulic press machine test-24

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